BLT33.3 found

Since we’ve lost GPS as reported earlier, the exact landing position was unknown. I was very surprised when I got a call on my cell phone from someone who mentioned that he has found a “little white box”. I was in traffic and my German accent was maybe not so compatible to his Spanish accent, so communication was difficult. However we kept writing text messages and agreed to meet at his home in Dayton Texas.

When we met Nuriel this evening we’ve found a young guy coming out to the front yard with the “little white box”. He was very interested what we did, so I showed him the launch video and a few pictures. Nuriel said that the box was found in a field close to Anahuac. This is exactly what the prediction has indicated. His father was working in the field with a tractor but he hasn’t seen a video camera or the second package. Maybe he’ll go back and have a second look. If he finds something, then he’ll send me a text message.

The box only contained the transverter electronics. Never mind. Still we hope that Nuriel will find the camera because it should contain a really interesting video file…


2 thoughts on “BLT33.3 found

  1. Really interesting, I am preparing a night time balloon launch, I will include an image intensifier setup, good for night time video, we hope to capture a really good view of stars. Using Arduino Uno setup with 433mhz transmitter and Ublox Neo GPS module. Thinking to use a 5.6Ghz FPV transmitter/receiver setup to replace the 433 mhz. Cheers.

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