Mosquito1 — The 2m Version of the HabAmp

VK5QI has designed a legendary low noise preamplifier for HAB tracking. M0UPU has improved it and sells them in his HAB Supplies shop for a very reasonable price. However here in the US balloon tracking mainly happens on APRS in the 2 m band. Unfortunately there are just a very few SAW filters available at this frequency and of course they have a completely different footprint. Therefore it was necessary to design a new PCB in order to build one for the 2 m range. The result of this 2 m version can be seen in the pictures below. As usual I gave it a name that’s typical for Texas: “Mosquito”. I was stitched several times through the design phase an I thought it was an appropriate name considering the almost inaudible high pitch tone a mosquito makes while in the descent phase before landing.

The SAW filter TriQuint Semiconductor 856929 is available from Mouser and I ordered twenty PSA4-5043+ amplifiers directly from Mini-Circuits. The ferrite beads were replaced with TDK MPZ2012S102A (Mouser).

I’ve pushed the Eagle files to my GitHub:

The Mosquito1 amplifier seems to perform great with a RTL-SDR but I haven’t made any serious measurements yet.


5 thoughts on “Mosquito1 — The 2m Version of the HabAmp

  1. Any chance you might be willing to share the schematic and BOM for this? I launch and chase balloons in NC and this looks like it would be very useful.

    (Also, any chance you might do a launch over Thanksgiving weekend? [Yeah, I realize it’s not the best time for it…] My family and I will be in Houston that weekend.)

  2. Did you ever get a chance to post the files on this? Also, any chance you might be willing to sell any of the PSA4-5043+ amplifiers you have? I’ll be in Houston over Thanksgiving visiting family (my parents live just off Westheimer) and would be willing to pick them up if you’re willing to part with some.

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