BLT33.7 Review

The BLT33.7 flight was certainly a success, but there are some things we need to improve in the future. The GPS produces quite a few erratic data-points and I’m still not sure where this comes from. Is it the permanent off- and on switching of the module? Or is it my code that does a wrong interpretation? The quality of signal doesn’t seem to be an issue because I’ve seen up to 11 satellites being reported while the positions were erratic. At least I should capture those random jumps in my code and re-acquire a new position the next time. Also it seems like we’ve had at least some loss of helium so that the nightfall caused a complete touchdown. The speed of descent was approximately 0.75 m/s so that this was likely not a burst. We may need to find a way to stress relieve the neck and the maybe find a way to check for miniature gas leaks.

Below are some pictures from the fuzzy original data and after removing obviously erratic data points:

The flight data have been added to the UKHAS Wiki for microballoons.


One thought on “BLT33.7 Review

  1. Hello Thomas,

    I have been watching your 07/25-26 AF5LI-11 balloon launch through an application I made for our balloon launchs in Argentina.

    Try . See also charts from your balloon clicking on charts button.

    Amazing launch that lasted for over 24 hours !!, It is good to know that you did with a simple mylar/helium ballon.

    I think that erratic points could be caused due several aprs igate stations are relying to data with somehow added delays and repeats. Perhaps in future launchs setting a less wide digi like wide2-2 could help.

    You can see our last month launch at

    You can use online and live this application for future flights, it also estimates posible landing site. Wishing you good and enjoyable future flights.

    Best 73 from Buenos Aires, Argentina
    lu7abf, Pedro Converso

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