BLT33.9 Recovered

Sven (AF5LI) and myself (KT5TK) had plans to spend a few days in West Texas, so it was good luck that the balloon drifted West from Austin. At the slow speed of winds at high altitude it was quite easy to reach the balloon before it came to the ground. We’ve received direct packets short after Federicksburg and there is almost no other APRS traffic in this rural area so that we could read every packet and we arrived at the landing site approximately at the same time it came down. It landed about one mile from the last asphalted road so we went on a private dirt road and reached a little farm house. We knocked at the door and Daniel and his wife opened the door. We shortly described what we were looking for and Daniel was so friendly that he immediately suggested to invite us in his truck and to join the search team. Just 0.12 miles from the house we found the balloons hanging in a tree. I tried to climb it, but from my movements the balloon released itself and drifted further to the next tree – even a few feet higher 😦 . Daniel fetched a long limb from the ground and sure enough we could quickly release the floater and Sven caught it in the air while it was on its way to the next tree. Excellent teamwork!  We were rewarded by a beautiful sunset and a sight of a wild roadrunner.


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