Old Version of Pecan with ADF7012

People have asked about my old version of the Pecan when I used the ADF7012 radio transmitter chip from Analog Devices. I do not recommend such a design because the ADF7012 has only 14 mW (or less) power output and it’s much more difficult to lock the PLL properly. However for reference I post the circuit diagram here. I hold off from posting the PCB because it contains errors.



4 thoughts on “Old Version of Pecan with ADF7012

  1. Thank you, I have 4464 version in the works as well but wanted the 7012 version just for reference. I’ll share details later but suffice it to say I have an stm32f303 board that is drop in pro mini compatible and I just finished a sandwich daughter board with 4464 :). At some point I’ll change the design to use the dac on the stm. But for now it will Just use pwm generated tones

  2. As a quick follow up now that I have real internet on a cruise ship :)… here is my slimmed down version – https://github.com/akadamson/STM32-TX (look in the SIradio directory)… And here is my STM32F303 board that I did as a drop in/pin/function/etc compatible pro-mini – https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/6730484/STM32%20MiniF3.JPG

    Plan is to sandwich the 2 together and make a really small *tracker* only… I’ve been running tracduino since it first came out and did this board originally. I did this originally. http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1488481

  3. One other comment, I think the ADF schematic has an error… you show MISO on the AVR connected to the CLOCK on the ADF7012, I think that’s supposed to be the SCK pin not the MISO pin? Pin 11 on the ADF… just as an FYI.

  4. Yes, this was one error I forgot to mention. I’ve used a patch wire to fix that. Again: This schematic may contain errors! So be careful. I’m not doing further development on the ADF7012 version.

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