BLT40.1 – From Austin to the Wild West

This year our group has visited the Central States VHF Society Conference in Austin and like last year we’ve launched a foil balloon from N5JXO’s Joust House. It’s a Pecan Pico 5 with 2 x AAA (Energizer Ultimate Lithium) batteries. Tropical winds are slowly pushing the low altitude floater to the West and we’ve reached New Mexico after 24 hours. Batteries are still in good shape and temperatures at 17,000 ft are very convenient, even at night.


Thanks to W5ACM for the launch picture.


After 3 days of stable float and slow winds BLT40.1 was finally lost in North /West New Mexico.



2 thoughts on “BLT40.1 – From Austin to the Wild West

    • The payload weight was about 17 g and the free lift about 3 g. I didn’t bring my scale with me, but instead I have a teflon tube that has approximately the same weight as the payload and I slightly over-fill the balloon with helium and then release the gas through the tube until it just has enough positive lift to get over the trees in the neighborhood. This payload was a little heavier than my previous ones because I used two AAA batteries in series to get 3 V. The regulator also works with 1.5V but at 3 V it is more efficient.

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