First Solar Tracker Launch

Launch from St Arnolds brewery went smoothly with low winds and not much trouble. I simply adjusted the lift to ~1-2 g at home, put the complete balloon and tracker in my car and launched it at the brewery.

In the mean time we have reached float altitude at 25000 ft. I hope the battery will survive the night. Once we get some sun the battery will charge up fast. However if the battery dies, the tracker won’t start up by itself. The GPS draws too much current at start up. I have to add a transistor to actualy switch the GPS off until the battery charges up to an acceptable level.

But we’ll see. Maybe everything works out fine. Prediction says that the balloon will got to Mexico and come back over Texas to continue East when the jet stream picks up. Track KT5TK-11 on


6 thoughts on “First Solar Tracker Launch

  1. Pretty cool of what you doing im kb5zcs and live in brownsville tx,im tracking it on i have a igate here in brownsville i hope that my igate will get the chance to pick up your signal god luck……….

    • Steve, thanks for tracking. Currently it seems to come down for some reason. Not sure where exactly. But feel free to recover it if you like. I can send you instructions how to reprogram the tracker and you can re-launch it by yourself if you want.

  2. I just added your icon to tx/rx igate to rf here on hidalgo county will be received via digipeater. Its still moving!

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