Small Tracker – Big Balloon

This is our first launch with a Pecan Femto 3 tracker. With broken off pin header the weight of the complete PCB is 0.91 g (0.032 oz). However there is a big LiPo battery (11.5 g, 560 mAh) on board this time. The total payload weight including solar cells and mounting was 14.34 g. The balloon was custom made by Uta (1.40 m x 2 m). Total lift 12.3 g. Track DL7AD-12 in or at .


During the night the temperature dropped below -52 degrees Celsius. Obviously the LiPo battery didn’t make it and first the GPS stopped and later the transmit ceased entirely. We were lucky enough that the balloon came back to life in the morning at rising temperatures. We were happy to observe a further ascent up to 14.5 km altitude. The balloon appears to have a tiny pinhole because it slowly descended and landed in the mine fields near Sarajevo (Bosnia Herzegovina). Do not recover this payload!


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