Pecan Pico 7 (“Pecan Comfort”)

Have you ever dreamed of a pico balloon floater tracker with a camera & SSDV? Do you want a crossband repeater? Want enough power for the ISS to post your positions on ARISS? I have pushed Sven (DL7AD) to design such a dream tracker based on a STM32F429 BGA version. His result is truely amazing. We’ve received the PCBs and the stencil two days before Christmas. We didn’t have all components in stock, but we tried to build a development model for the lab so that we can start testing. Basically the power regulators are missing, but we can supply the needed voltages externally from the lab power supply. Initial power up testing was successful. Let’s see how programming will work…


Total weight: < 6 gramms

Documentation and software development at Sven’s GitHub:


4 thoughts on “Pecan Pico 7 (“Pecan Comfort”)

  1. Very interested in doing a Balloon launch never done any of this would love some info on how this works and anything that would help along my way


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