First SSDV Floater

It took us about half a year to develop a float capable camera tracker, but now it’s real! We’re just observing the first ssdv pictures coming in and (almost) everything works great. The total weight of the hardware (including 8 solar panels) is just below 30 gramm. We have chained 3 Qualatex 90 cm diameter balloons in a row and each of them has 14.3 g lift. This leaves us with about 9.5 g free lift (considering the tape weights 3.5g which we used to glue the ballons together). Due to some wind in the morning we had a hard time to clear the houses and trees at launch, but eventually we succeeded.

Life tracking & SSDV Links:


Wow! Munich International Airport.


3 thoughts on “First SSDV Floater

  1. Congrats to you and Sven on a successful ascent. Glad to see the PCBs and stencil worked. Wishing you many more successful pioneering voyages! Mitch@hackvana

  2. I am curious how you control the charging of the battery with the solar panels. Do you use a charge controller? Do you have a recommended source for the small solar panels?

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