Pecan Pico 9 Floater on SBS-12

Sven (DL7AD) has improved the Pecan Pico 9 design so that we can now use the much better OV5640 camera. We decided to use the good weather to launch our SBS-12 balloon and we prepared a solar powered payload with only supercaps. This doesn’t allow operation at night, but it’s sufficient to power everything including camera and picture transmissions during the day. This way the problematic LiPo batteries are avoided which cause problems at very low temperatures.
After a catastrophic launch (see video), everything worked fine. The pictures are transmited with 2x redundant packets through APRS and then forwarded to the SSDV server. We have some nice pictures coming down.

Payload weight: 17.45 g
Balloon hull: 92 g
Free lift: 8 g
Callsigns: DL7AD-12 (Telemetry, APRS); DL7AD (ssdv QVGA); DL4MDW (ssdv VGA)

APRS: DL7AD-12; telemetry
Pecan Pico 9: GitHub
Launch video: YouTube



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