Latex Balloon Launch Scheduled for Tomorrow

We’re just preparing a 150g latex up/down balloon for launch tomorrow. PecanPico 9  tracker with camera. 1k2 telemetry, position and low resolution pictures via APRS (144.800 MHz AFSK). High resolution pictures (1024 x 768 px) on 144.860 MHz 9k6 GFSK APRS. Launch is planned for about 1000 UTC from Berlin. Prediced track to the Polish border.

The following experimental map displays the taken pictures from the down camera at the locations where the pictures where taken. We are also implementing a logging method to improve the resolution of old positions that may not have been received directly.

Here are some pictures from This flight:


2 thoughts on “Latex Balloon Launch Scheduled for Tomorrow

  1. Congrats on pecanpico9 and hope your launch tomorrow goes well.
    Are you selling this version?
    Cheers, Doug, k6sts

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