Pecan Pico 4 – Serial Number 1 Built & Working

A new Pecan is born! I’ve received the PCBs within a week from Seeedstudio but I had to wait for a delayed delivery from digikey. I’m not really happy with the delivery times from digikey but I guess I need to blame USPS for this. I need to order from them though, because they are the only reasonable supplier for BMP180 and the GPS chip antenna. Anyways, I built up my first Pecan 4 and it worked out of the box. I was surprised that the code written for BMP085 immediately worked for BMP180 without any code changes. I still have to write some code for the RGB sensor, the EEPROM, the RTC and the beeper, but everything that worked at Pecan 3 is also working on the new PCB.

Edit: The Arduino Code and the Eagle/gerber files are on GitHub: